Company Profile

A Letter From Our President

David D. Anderson, President (L) shown with father Donald H. Anderson, Chairman of the Board (R).

“When my grandfather started Anderson Typewriter Company, Los Angeles County’s economy was based largely on agriculture. Even so, typewriters were turning up in more and more “modern” offices. Our family business started – and continues – by serving the needs of growing companies.

In 1912, a 22-year-old repairman from the Woodstock Typewriter Company in Illinois packed his tool kit and headed west to visit his aunt. When he reached Pasadena, Carl Elmer Anderson fell in love with the area and the extraordinary business opportunity. He was the only one for miles who could fix typewriters.

Word-of-mouth referrals gave my grandfather the confidence to set up shop. Four years later, Anderson held the Royal Typewriter franchise from San Luis Obispo County to San Diego County. Early customers included Mr. Wrigley of chewing gum fame, Vice President Charles Warren Fairbanks under President Theodore Roosevelt, and Citizens Bank – still a customer today.

By the 1920s, other family members joined the business and built on our reputation for the best products and customer service. At 14, my father Donald Anderson was working at the shop during school vacations. He earned a degree from Occidental College and served in the Army during the Korean War before joining Anderson permanently in 1954.

The years brought plenty of changes. We started offering dictation machines, mechanical calculators and duplicating machines. And remember, these devices were just as revolutionary in their day as today’s computer networks, the internet and high speed digital connected devices.

Today, our company is known as Anderson Business Technology and combines our tradition of strong customer relationships with an array of the most innovative, reliable office machines available from the world’s best manufacturers. Document management and multi-functional products, including digital copying, laser printing and faxing are our prime focus. Our ability to react quickly to the ever-changing environment of business technology, makes us the most reliable and accurate technology consultants.

Over the years, our true success comes from the trust we’ve earned building quality relationships with our customers. We strive to go beyond satisfying; it is our primary goal to “delight” our customers. We look forward to working with you.”

David D. Anderson