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Anderson carries the full line of more than 50 models of heavy duty Destroyit Paper Shredders for your business needs.  For over 45 years, Destroyit Paper Shredders have set the industry’s benchmark for quality engineering and is Anderson’s highest recommended shredder.  The units are highly reliable and simple to use.

The Value of Shredding

Today, paper shredders are essential for every business to keep confidential information secure.  Not only do you need to keep your company’s competitive information secure, you are also responsible for any confidential information about employees or clients.  Shredders are needed at desk side for executives and administrative professionals.  They are needed next to copy machines, in computer rooms, mail rooms, warehouses and home offices.  There are strip cut models and for even greater security and compact waste, cross-cut models.  Shredding also helps with risk-free recycling.

Why Destroyit?

The Destroyit is manufactured in Germany from the world’s largest shredder manufacturer.  Every component of a Destroyit Paper Shredder is built to last and precision engineered from high quality materials.


All Destroyit models, even the smallest personal model (except micro-cut models) have a Five Year Warranty on strip-cut and cross-cut cutting wheels/shafts.  There is a One Year Warranty on all other parts.  If your shredder is ever in need of repair, Anderson’s factory trained technicians will do the job in a timely manner.

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