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Constant fluctuations in power, including daily on/off cycles of office appliances and excess voltage through electrical and signal lines, can cause damage and wear down sensitive electronic equipment causing it to perform below its potential.  Power strips and inexpensive surge protectors do not offer the level of protection that is needed.  Only a quality surge protector will protect your equipment from these daily power surges, spikes and noise.  It also will protect equipment from catastrophic power surges caused by blackouts and disasters such as lightning, earthquakes and downed power lines.  In addition, many models offer brownout protection that will protect your equipment from dangerous low voltage situations.

Today, it is most vital that the digital equipment be fully protected.  Otherwise, sensors can be tripped by spikes and noise causing a paper jam and resulting in the unit completely shutting down.  Telephone and data lines also need to be protected or a surge may be sent through your network, damaging all the equipment that is connected.

We represent surge protectors that offer not a one or a three year warranty, but a LIFETIME warranty.  And not only will the manufacturer repair or replace any damaged surge protector, but they will also repair or replace the equipment that was properly connected to the surge protector.  How about that for a complete guarantee!

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