Service Programs

Anderson serves the majority of Los Angeles County.  We offer a variety of service programs.  We can help you select the one that best fits your company.

T & M (Time & Material)
Our Time and Material arrangements are service contracted by the hour plus parts.  Please contact us for our current rates.

An eConcierge program offers a convenient way to purchase supplies through a web portal and earns you free service on specified products.  Once you sign up for eConcierge, you will have a way to monitor your device and order supplies from your computer.  Once you participate in the program for 30 days and make two supply purchases, your device will go back on warranty.  Your device will stay on warranty as long as you purchase supplies through this program.  Supplies are sold at the same low price.  The service is free.  This program is for specified devices.  Access our eConcierge page for detailed information.

FSMA (Full Service Maintenance Agreement)
This is an ongoing preventative maintenance agreement plan that includes all labor and parts, except consumables.  It includes manufacturer recommended preventative maintenance intervals and cleaning and all intervening service calls.  The agreement covers one year or the specified page volume (if applicable), whichever comes first.  Please contact us for our current FSMA rates.

Cost Per Page (CPP)
A cost per page agreement is the most comprehensive maintenance plan and is the plan most widely selected by our customers.  A CPP plan not only includes the servicing and replacement parts, but also includes the supplies such as toner.  A CPP plan includes the manufacturer’s specified preventative maintenance, all intervening service calls, all replacement parts and all supplies and toner based on determined density levels (with the exception of paper and staples).  A CPP plan also includes a free temporary replacement device if a repair requires that your device be brought into our service lab.  The CPP agreement can be for one year or longer to lock in a low rate.

We offer multiple CPP plans to support you such as our Total Performance Guarantee (TPG) and PagePack which includes automated meter reads and device monitoring and also includes free staples.  Please contact us for our current rates.